The Eclipse IoT-Testware Dashboard is a collection of several tools and test suites which makes it extremely flexible and powerful. Firstly the Backend which runs in background and provides the core functionality. Secondly, the Frontend, a thin ReactJS Application which provides a convenient user interface. And last but not least, the IoT-Testware with the test suites itself.


The first picture gives a brief overview about the basic idea.


Building upon the overview, the next picture is intended to give a more detailed view on the whole system.



The backend component is a node.js application which is intended to abstract the “low-level” handling of testing tools and their configurations.


The frontend component is a JavaScript application which serves as a user interface to the backend component. Through the nature of the architecture the frontend is intended to be a thin client.


The sequence diagram below gives an overview about the interaction of involved components, starting from the user and ending with the SUT.

Integration sequence